Appeal rejected for Costa del Sol journalist jailed for child sex offences

Mike Souter was jailed for 22 years in 2013 for serially abusing young boys

LAST UPDATED: 12 Feb, 2015 @ 23:44

SouterDISGRACED Costa del Sol journalist Mike Souter has had his appeal thrown out of court, after being jailed for a series of child sex attacks.

Souter, 61, was jailed for 22 years at Norwich Crown Court, in the UK, in October 2013 for serially abusing boys over a 20-year period.

The former Sur in English writer was found guilty of 26 offences, including 19 counts of historic child sex abuse against seven different boys aged between 11 and 16, between 1979 and 1999.

He appealed both his convictions and sentence, but both were turned down at a hearing at London’s Appeal Court.

“This was an appalling catalogue of sexual abuse on vulnerable victims over a protracted period and Souter remains in denial,” said Mr Justice Goss.

“His sentence – although severe – accorded with sentencing practice and appropriately reflected his culpability and the harm caused by this offending.”


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  1. This was a terrific result for journalists in Spain – a good writer Souter, better than the c**p team at the Olive Press.
    They should all be imprisoned for 42 years each the drivel they dish out in this publication which sems determined on taking the p**s against anyone Jewish. First Boland, then Goldman, then Nathan, then Klein and now Danker.
    Bet you don’t have the guts to publish this you yellow cowards.

  2. Henri Mousad – What a strange rant you put your name to and what on earth were you thinking when typing it? Being a good writer does not, in any way, excuse this man from the hideous ordeals he subjected these children to.

    And guess what? It’s readily apparent that the Olive Press do have the guts to publish your drivel and foul language.