Spanish mayor gives his phone number to 10,000 residents

PP mayor of Brunete, Gutierrez Iglesias, has given his number out to the town's residents

LAST UPDATED: 17 Feb, 2015 @ 17:41

MR POPULAR: Gutierrez Iglesias
MR POPULAR: Gutierrez Iglesias

MOST politicians would do anything to prove they know what the people want… but very few would dish out their personal phone number to over 10,000 people.  

But that is exactly what PP mayor of Brunete, Gutierrez Iglesias, has done.

With just months before the regional elections, Iglesias has given the residents of Brunete – a small town near Madrid – the chance to have their say.

“It’s been about a month since we went around giving every resident my phone number,” said Iglesias, who has headed the town since 2011.

“I’ve received a few critical messages. But really that’s what we’re there for – to listen to the people, no matter what they think or say.”

“Call me or text me, I am at your disposition to listen.”

Inevitably, calls and text messages have been non-stop with Iglesias claiming to have had conversations as early as 6AM and as late as 1AM.

But despite being inundated with messages Iglesias claims to have responded to all queries so far.


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