Former Prime Minister Zapatero blasted for visit to Cuba

Zapatero and his entourage met with Cuban President Raul Castro on Wednesday

LAST UPDATED: 28 Feb, 2015 @ 12:16


SPAIN’S former Prime Minister Jose Zapatero has been blasted by the current government for his visit to Cuba.

Zapatero and his entourage met with Cuban President Raul Castro on Wednesday during a private visit to the Communist island.

Foreign Minister Jose Margallo labelled the visit as disloyal.

“It is an extreme disloyalty with regards to the management of foreign policy,” he said.

“The visit is not only an example of disloyalty, it is an example of inappropriateness.”

A spokesman for the government added that they had been informed about Zapatero’s trip but were unaware he would be meeting with Castro.

Zapatero was prime minister between 2004 and 2011.

His government urged the EU to soften its Cuba policy, a position fiercely opposed by the PP party.

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  1. What a surprise – Fascists don’t like Communists, not that Cuba is Communist, it just appears to be so. The Americans right now are holding talks to end their ludicrous bullyboy treatment of Cuba after more than 50 years but the PP is still living in the past – now there’s a surprise.

  2. If Zapatero wanted to see true Socialism in action he would be better served by staying home and visiting Marinaleda instead. He could certainly profit from being reminded about some Socialistic principles.