Spanish company set to build Norway’s €1 billion high-speed railway

Acciona is set to construct Norway’s €1 billion high-speed railway project

LAST UPDATED: 11 Mar, 2015 @ 14:01

ACCIONA has been named as the preferred bidder to construct Norway’s €1 billion high-speed railway project.acciona tunnels

The Norwegian National Rail Administration wants the Spanish construction company to build twin tunnels of 20km long to connect Oslo to Ski.

Acciona, a world leader in renewable energy sources, plans to start construction at Easter of what will be Scandinavia’s longest railway tunnel.

The contract is Acciona’s first project in Norway and also the largest travel infrastructure project the country has ever seen.


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  1. From my engineering and large project experience, that choice seems very “risky” – may be a lower projected cost estimate (we have seen how THAT works with Spanish firms!) – but choosing a firm that is “Acciona, a world leader in renewable energy sources, “Acciona’s first project in Norway” sure looks like a great opportunity to expand the Contractor’s completion cost. Good luck

  2. the best of spain – spot on and how does experience in renewable energy sources equate with a a major tunneling project. I’ve worked briefly in Norway, thought they would have had more sense – vamos a ver.

  3. I hope for Norway’s sake (and maybe the EU states & EC Bank) we don’t see just a low bidder getting the project then, like the expansion of the Panama Canal Contractor requiring another $Billion halfway thru the job for a “variety of reasons”. Is there ANY Contractor Liability for Completion per legal contract terms?! If NOT, maybe we should ALL be “Contractors or Politicians”