Egypt has emerged as strong competitor to Costa del Golf

Egypt has launched a campaign to attract golfers from around the world

LAST UPDATED: 16 Mar, 2015 @ 12:26

EgyptGolfA STRONG competitor to the Costa del Golf has emerged… and it isn’t where you’d expect.

Egypt has launched a campaign through its tourism authority to attract golfers from around the world.

Red Sea resorts such as Madinat Makadi Golf resort offer state-of-the-art facilities in idyllic settings.

The African nation is specifically being lauded as the ideal destination for golfers travelling with their instructors, with various analysis tools and software installed in the resorts.

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  1. Egypt is GREAT for golf – you DO go from one sand to ANOTHER SAND TRAP. But after the horrendous heat and sand traps, the Gin & Tonics are great! (Drink thru a straw in Coke bottles!)