Judge Alaya orders arrests of 16 Junta politicians in Andalucia fraud probe

Susana Diaz's PSOE party facing scandal just three days after winning the elections

LAST UPDATED: 25 Mar, 2015 @ 10:50


SUSANA Diaz is facing a major crisis just three days after winning the Junta elections. 

Judge Mercedes Alaya – who is renowned for her uncovering of the ERE scandal – has ordered the arrest of 16 politicians connected to the Junta.

Each stands accused of fraud in connection to €950 million in unaccounted training course fees.

Fourteen of those arrested are former employees, while Diaz has now suspended the two officials who were still in office – economy minister in Seville, Aurora Prieto, and in Huelva, Eduardo García.

“I have a public responsibility and anyone who is arrested must be removed from office in order to fulfil that responsibility,” Diaz said.

“For me, tranquillity and public confidence in the Andalucian institutions must come first.”


She added that ‘one yardstick’ has been applied over the last 18 months and that will always apply.

The other former officials arrested include seven former employment delegates, four former CEOs and three  ex-regional delegates in Almonte (Huelva) and Mijas (Malaga).


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  1. It’s good that somebody is clamping down on the perpetrators of corruption, instead of on the innocent victims. Who by the way, are most often not Spanish. But the fact that this story was released just 3 days after the election instead of before, just further demonstates how deep the corruption and complicity runs!

  2. Well done, Judge – is there anyone LEFT there to attend meetings, make a vote, make personal restitution, stay in jail without attending family vacations… ? Legal Enforcement = Confidence