Chief minister Fabian Picardo’s reaction to Gibraltar deaths

Rock rallies after most horrific murder in decades

LAST UPDATED: 4 Apr, 2015 @ 10:56

Gibraltar's chief ministerFabian Picardo
Gibraltar’s chief minister Fabian Picardo

GIBRALTAR has been devastated by the most horrific crime to hit the Rock in decades.

Chief minister Fabian Picardo adjourned parliament upon hearing news that a family of four – with daughters aged six weeks and four years old – had been found dead.

A minutes silence was then held as Gibraltar reeled from its first murder since 2010.
Picardo said: “As a husband and father, I am in total shock to hear about this terrible crime.

“Gibraltarians are not accustomed to witness this type of incident in our peaceful and law-abiding community.

“Words will fail us all at a moment like this and all we can do is keep the victims and their families in our thoughts and put our full trust in the Rule of Law so that justice prevails.”

The family, who had moved to Gibraltar just five days earlier, were not known in Gibraltar.

It is the first recorded murder since Beverley Anne Campbell was found stabbed to death in a pool of blood at her home near Rosia Bay.

A government source told the Olive Press: “Murder is very rare here, I can’t remember one in many many years, and never one like this.

“This is a big investigation as it is a horrible, horrible case.”


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