The Axarquia golden sprayer’s punishment causes dispute between Malaga and Rincon de la Victoria

The mayor of Rincon de la Victoria has called for the young man to be pardoned

LAST UPDATED: 27 Apr, 2015 @ 18:26

SPRAYED: Golden bench
SPRAYED: Golden bench

THE punishment for the Axarquia golden sprayer is in the balance after police caught him in the act last week.

The 20-year-old from La Cala del Moral will face trial for giving several items of street furniture a golden makeover over the past month.

However the municipalities of Rincon de la Victoria and Malaga are now at loggerheads over his punishment.

While Malaga insists that the young man should be fined up to €3000, the Mayor of Rincon de la Victoria has called for a pardon on the case.

In fact, Mayor Francisco Salado, has announced that the town will not remove the items of gold-painted furniture as they have ‘already become part of the town’s history’.

He added that the graffiti had received a positive reaction from people in the town and that he will be asking the painter to do an art project in Rincon de la Victoria.

When the young man was arrested he had several cans of spray paint in his possession as well as a camera which had images connected to the ‘golden sprayer’ saved on the memory card.

Although he has not yet confessed, police believe they have their man.

If found guilty a fine ranging between €1,501 and €3,000 could be applied.


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