Urgent action needed for child poverty in Andalucia

Save the Children claims as many as 744,000 children are living at risk of poverty

LAST UPDATED: 3 May, 2015 @ 21:03

URGENT action is needed to overcome a serious child poverty crisis in Andalucia.

News - Child povertySave the Children claims as many as 744,000 children are living at risk of poverty, a figure considerably higher than the official Junta estimate of 512,373.

The charity believes around one in ten minors suffers from ‘serious material deprivation’, while 18% live in homes where costs are not met.

At least 8% are subject to living in unheated homes, due to a lack of money for fuel.

This year, the Junta is set to invest €165 million into infancy-related policies including guaranteeing food, help for larger families, summer schools, and dental attention.


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  1. But they told us the crisis was over? Are Save The Children “doomsters” too? It is an absolute falsehood to say that the crisis is over when poverty and unemployment are at record levels. Even the IMF said just recently that Spain has serious problems and there is no recovery until these issues are tackled.

  2. Absolutely disgraceful! Wonder if the “king” knows about this prevailing fact. Spain is a many sided dimension.many very poor…some extremely rich..and many struggling between.

    A country which cannot provide for its children is a crime.