Reopening of controversial Los Frailes mine cancelled amid corruption scandal

A probe was launched in March after a rival bidder filed a denuncia, claiming negotiations were illegally carried out for the mine in Aznalcollar

LAST UPDATED: 18 May, 2015 @ 00:17

A bird's-eye view of the mines at Aznalcollar
A bird’s-eye view of the mines at Aznalcollar

THE reopening of a controversial mine near Sevilla has been cancelled amid corruption allegations. 

The Los Frailes mine in Aznalcollar, was due to reopen later this year after being closed for almost 17 years.

However, allegations of corruption during the bidding process has forced the Junta to pull the plug on the project.

Junta boss Susana Díaz, said: “When a judge has serious suspicions about the procedure for awarding a contract, it must be halted and clarified.”

The contract was awarded to the Grupo México-Minorbis consortium in February following a three-way contest.

But a probe was launched in March after a rival company filed a denuncia, accusing the group of of bribery, peddling of influence and perversion of justice.

Judge Patricia Fernandez Franco, has concluded that there is significant evidence to carry out further investigations.


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