Women fined for ‘dirty protest’ in Gibraltar

A frustrated homeowner dumped raw sewage on the front desk at the housing department

LAST UPDATED: 5 Jun, 2015 @ 16:06

Gibraltar policeA FRUSTRATED resident dumped a bottle of sewage at Gibraltar’s housing department after being regularly ignored.

Diane Sattler staged her dirty protest after the department failed to respond to her complaints that her house was flooded with raw sewage.

But now, to add insult to injury, Sattler has now been fined £100 for her stunt.

Having filed numerous reports over a three week period Sattler had literally had it up to her ears.

Taking the law into her own hands, she stormed down to the housing department’s office and emptied the contents of a shopping bag on the counter.

Alongside the offending bottle, Sattler dumped a pink sponge and other sodden cleaning materials on the front desk.

Ms Sattler was charged and fined for littering at the Magistrates Court despite airing his complaints about the ‘inefficient department’.


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