Bullfighter still fighting despite gored testicle

A bull stabbed Marco Galan in the groin which led to an ‘eviscerated testicle’ and profuse bleeding

LAST UPDATED: 9 Jun, 2015 @ 19:45

bull stories - he's got ballsA BULLFIGHTER is still fighting after having his testicle ripped open in the Feria de San Isidro in Madrid.

A bull stabbed Marco Galan in the groin which led to an ‘eviscerated testicle’ and profuse bleeding.

“It wasn’t a great moment for me but these things happen in the ring,” said the Ciudad Real man from his bed at Madrid’s Hospital San Francisco de Asís.

“I am making a good recovery and I will be back in the ring again soon.”

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  1. As much as I enjoy seeing these morons getting their comeuppance, it doesn’t seem to put them off. Perhaps these awful events will only die out if Health and Safety ban all sharp implements (on both the bull’s and the torero’s side).

  2. poetic justice! This is an horrific hobby. Spain leads the way on so many things, it’s a shame they don’t sort this disgusting hobby out.

  3. The photo rather misplaces his balls. I suspect the story was posted here to give readers the chance to raise their Pavlovian instincts, without, perhaps, much knowledge of which they speak?

  4. @Lenox, had you thought that they couldn’t really show you a photo of his ‘eviscerated testicle’ (one) which I feel sure it would not have been a very pleasant sight. Mind you I must admit to face a large two ton fighting bull does take a lot of balls (two) and wonder if in future he will be walking in a slightly crouched position with knees together and feet at ten to two.