Sevilla church slammed for publishing advice to ‘cure homosexuality’

Controversy over Sevilla church which published an article on 'homosexuality cure'

LAST UPDATED: 7 Jul, 2015 @ 11:16


Priest Santiago Cesar Gonzalez Alba
Priest Santiago Cesar Gonzalez Alba

AS gay pride celebrations ripple across Spain and overseas, controversy broke out in Sevilla when a church published advice on ‘curing’ homosexuality.

The church of Dulce Nombre de Bellavista took to the spotlight when a volunteer posted an article on its website entitled ‘Curing homosexuality is possible’.

The outspoken article, asking ‘Is homosexuality a disease?’ and offering therapeutic and ‘technical’ information and reading material, was swiftly taken down.

LGBT groups are in uproar and claim the perpetrator should be punished.

Church priest Santiago Gonzalez Alba – who is not the author of the article – published a statement apologizing to any groups offended by the ‘unfortunate post’.

The website had been run by an unidentified volunteer who published the piece without any prior warning.

“With all the so-called gay pride celebrations it is fitting timing to confront this ideology that destroys Christian families,” read the article.

The piece requested readers share the article ‘with as many contacts as possible as a lot of good can, and should be done with it’.

It is not the first time Priest Gonzalez has been in the news, most notoriously when he was accused – and later cleared – of having a key role in the suicide of a parishioner.


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