No more TOWIE

End of an era for our showbiz columnist, Elliott Wright, who now has bigger fish to fry…

LAST UPDATED: 14 Jul, 2015 @ 11:53

Elliott with the long-awaited licence!
Elliott with the long-awaited licence!

AFTER two years I have finally called time on TOWIE.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience but I can’t progress any further on the show – plus my restaurant Olivia’s is obviously my main focus now.

Although I haven’t finished my TV career and there are things I’m looking at doing soon I’m ready to move on.

You won’t miss me too much… and the good news is I FINALLY have a licence for my restaurant… in hand… so shovels are back in the ground at last.

I was starting to feel like there were just too many hurdles to get over, but I persevered and the end is in sight!

Still no sign of Nick Knowles… I had hoped he was going to come and help me out with a 60 minute makeover, but I guess he’s got used to Spanish mañana manana … I’m still here Nick?

So let’s get the champagne on tap – the restaurant menus are written up and we have just signed a contract with Moet & Chandon who are sponsoring us with Ice Imperial.

In the meantime, my kids have flown over for a couple of weeks so it’s going to be tough being a single dad at the same time as opening the restaurant.

But I am sure they’ll be time to take a trip to the new Costa Water Park.


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