Barcelona town puts pigeons on the pill

Bad news for the feathered population of a Catalan town

LAST UPDATED: 18 Jul, 2015 @ 09:31


pigeonA BARCELONA town is waging war on its pigeon population by taking avian birth control in hand.

In a controversial bid to reduce its pigeon count, Badia del Valles’ town hall is scattering contraceptives to curb the spiralling population.

Automatic dispensers will periodically release 10 grams of Ovistop per bird which operates as birth control for the feathered pests.

Pigeons will be put ‘on the pill’ between July and December, the boom season for breeding, and the project  has so far been dubbed effective by town hall sources.

The strategy is expected to reduce the pigeon population to 20% of what it is now over five years.

Since just two birds can give birth to up to 50 pigeons per year, overpopulation has been a growing problem.


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  1. And the cute, collared -doves, who are becoming scarce and share the same space as the unwanted pigeons? They will surely eat the contraceptive bait. This may hasten THEIR demise.there are always unwanted consequences when we interfere with Nature.