Foreign investment boosts Spanish startups

Number of Spanish startups rise as foreign investments pour in

LAST UPDATED: 8 Aug, 2015 @ 09:28

FOREIGN investment in Spanish tech startups has exploded in 2015.

More and more startups setting up shop
More and more startups setting up shop

In 2014, 85% of investors were Spanish, during the same period this year only 75% came from inside Spain, with investments pouring in from United States and Britain.

The most popular startups to invest in also changed from the previous year, going from 18.3% ecommerce and 9.9% marketing companies in 2014 to only 9.9% financial and 8.8% eHealth ventures.

Along with an overall rise in startup investment, the types of investments have also started to change, with crowdfunding numbers rising from contributing 0.6% to 3.3% of capital.


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  1. Good to see a bit of business related news in “Spain’s best English daily news website”. Perhaps we could see more on Inditex – up in share value by 36% and now worth $100 billion, outsmarting everyone else in the retail business according to Business Insider? Or on the other side of the coin, a report on Indra and how they are cutting costs to survive? I realise that maybe the big business news may not be of interest to most of the readership, but why not a report on the various franchise operators like Grupo Restalia or the various iced-yoghurt outlets?