Bullfighting makes more money in taxes for the Spanish government than cinema

While the government pours money into the cinema industry, revenue from bullfighting remains much higher

LAST UPDATED: 15 Aug, 2015 @ 09:58

AMID the overwhelming controversy over bullfighting, the shocking economic impact of the sport is revealed.

Bullfighting continues to bring in soaring ticket sales
Bullfighting continues to bring in soaring ticket sales

Information released by the National Association of Bullfighting Organizers demonstrated that the bullfighting industry provided the government with €45 million in value added tax on only ticket sales.

This figure is 62.4% higher than the returns from the cinema, which only brought in €27.7 million in taxes.

Despite this difference, bullfighting receives no funding from the government, while the film industry will receive €74.54 million for the coming year.

The total revenue for bullfighting ticket sales, €139.9 million compared to the cinema’s €131.8 million, rose 8.17% from 2013 to 2014, suggesting that despite protests sweeping the nation, the government might not be ready to get rid of such a strong economic source.

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  1. Bullfighting receives hundreds of millions from the governement administrations. All you have to do is ask google. ‘subvenciones toros’

    This article is all a lie.

  2. I think you will find the clue to the credebility of these figures in the Mafia business that released them….”The national association of bullfighters”. How can anyone take this ridiculous propaganda seriously? Its time these people realised that the end is nigh for this outdated and sadistic industry, catering for the blood thirsty perverts that attend.

  3. So that’s the state of public morality we’ve come now? It must be desirable, it makes money! And no, I’m not singling out Spain for criticism. Why condemn a philosophy that’s worked so well for the likes of George Osborne, and Donald Trump.

  4. Important to note that VAT for cinema is 21%, while VAT for bullfighting only 10% (ie, PP drastically lowered ticket prices for bullfighting, while drastically increasing prices for cinema.)