Hospitality workers in Malaga threaten to strike over new garbage crack down

Hospitality worker unions threaten to strike during the Malaga Feria against new regulations on leaving trash outside of containers

LAST UPDATED: 15 Aug, 2015 @ 09:55

Trash during a strike in Malaga

WORKERS in the Malaga hospitality industry are threatening to strike during the upcoming Feria for an unexpected reason: rubbish.

The workers’ unions have threatened to strike unless the town hall doesn’t take a step back on their recent plans to crack down on workers who leave trash bags outside of the public containers.

The government has announced its intentions to fine waiters up to €251 for each infraction, and to fine businesses between €750 and €1,500.

The secretary of Malaga’s Worker’s Commission commented that these measures to keep trash off the streets represented “an enormous aggressive move” against workers, and an attempt to “criminalise workers.”


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