Spain falls far behind Portugal and France, Europe’s biggest boozers

Spain falls far behind its neighbours in vino consumption despite being the main wine exporter

LAST UPDATED: 23 Aug, 2015 @ 09:15

SPAIN may be one of the world’s biggest wine producers but the majority bypasses Spanish bellies.

Spain's famous red wines
Spain’s famous red wines

In fact, Spanish wine consumption is among the lowest in Europe, at just 17 litres per person per year.

Although as it happens, Spain’s closest neighbours top the list of Europe’s vino vultures.

Portugal, France and tiny Andorra sweep the top three spots, guzzling the grape at an impressive annual rate of 55, 53 and 48 litres per capita, respectively.

The UK tips the middle of the tipple scale, with each Brit drinking 30 litres of wine each year.

The numbers come from the World Health Organisation’s recent report on global alcohol consumption.

In 2014, Spain exported 2.3 billion litres of the red, white and rose stuff, putting it ahead of France and Italy as the world’s biggest wine exporter, and third in terms of production.


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