Telecinco issues Gibraltar rectification after drug allegations

Telecinco has apologised for calling Gibraltar a drug zone

LAST UPDATED: 9 Oct, 2015 @ 22:01

The apology

SPANISH TV station Telecinco has issued an apology and rectification for calling Gibraltar the ‘largest importer of drugs into Spain’. 

Telecinco published an article on its website in June this year titled ‘Contrabando en la frontera de Gibraltar’ (Contraband at the Gibraltar frontier).

It states that 60% of all drugs seized in Spain come from Gibraltar.

In a television report aired on the same day, presenter Ana Rosa Quintana claimed that drugs could be ‘easily’ obtained from the Rock’s ‘kiosks, supermarkets and grocery stores’.

The orignal report

Lawyers acting on behalf of the Gibraltar government issued a request for rectification to Telecinco’s director.

Despite missing the three day deadline for publishing the rectification, Telecinco eventually published an article clarifying that there is no information from Europol or Interpol to back up the claims.

The Gibraltar government now considers the case closed.


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  1. The only drugs that will be crossing the border between Spain and Gibraltar will be coming out of Spain and into Gibraltar to meet the small local supply demand that will exist within a 30k population.

    Nobody would be daft enough to smuggle drugs into Gibraltar to supply elsewhere in Europe, as you would only have to smuggle them out again.

    Compare that to all the unguarded spanish cost line, and free movement of people in the Schengen Area, free movement of goods in the customs union area.