Spanish restaurant manager stabs waiter for ‘serving too slowly’

Kitchen nightmare in a Valencia restaurant

LAST UPDATED: 26 Oct, 2015 @ 13:40


restaurantGORDON Ramsay was nowhere to be seen.

But culinary hell unfolded in a Valencian restaurant when a manager, 30, stabbed a waiter for serving tables too slowly.

The manager, 30, was arrested by national police for leaving his staff member severely injured.

There were stab wounds in his back caused by a 35cm knife as well as cuts and bruises.

The crime reportedly happened at the restaurant during service after the employee received death threats from his boss.

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  1. Obviously with mental health problems. If I was running a UK restaurant I would jump at the chance to employ Spanish waiters/waitresses, they are well trained and work hard, are attentive with just the right amount of inter-action with clients.