Spanish hearing charity launch ‘dine quietly’ campaign

LAST UPDATED: 11 Dec, 2015 @ 17:31

restaurantSPANIARDS can be famously noisy.

But in a bid to restore peace around the dinner table a Spanish charity has launched a ‘dine quietly’ campaign.

Encouraging restaurants to lower their noise levels to create ‘a more pleasant atmosphere for diners’, hearing impairment charity Oir es Clave are fighting back against noisy eaters.

“Without a doubt we have a problem with noise here in Spain,” Svante Borjesson, charity director said.

“We are working to improve the quality of life for people with auditory problems and our ‘dine quietly’ initiative benefits not only our particular interest group but the whole of society.”


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  1. I didn’t find the adverts that bad the last time I visited, perhaps it differs between venues? However what was annoying, as mentioned, was Spanish people talking right through the film and also the annoying habit of staff not turning out all of the lights when the film started and the switching on of all the lights and sitting there ready to clean the place immediately when the credits rolled. The Spanish never learnt proper manners and customer service lol.