SPANISH GENERAL ELECTION: Defiant Pedro Sanchez not sorry for Mariano Rajoy attacks

PSOE leader unrepentant over tone of debate with prime minister

LAST UPDATED: 16 Dec, 2015 @ 10:22

PEDRO Sanchez refused to apologise for the tone and content of his attack on Mariano Rajoy during Monday night’s head-to-head general election debate.

Pedro Sanchez
DEBATE: Sanchez savaged Rajoy over corruption claims

During the heated exchange, Sanchez slammed Rajoy for his links to disgraced former PP treasurer Luis Barcenas.

Barcenas was placed in prison in 2013 over a corruption and money-laundering scandal.

He claimed he had diverted funds to PP officials from a fund of business donations.

“I had to expose Mariano Rajoy’s lies and gave the voice to millions of Spaniards who think that he should have resigned,” said Sanchez.

Meanwhile, a poll commissioned by Llorente & Cuenca revealed what hot topics Spaniards were debating on social media during Monday’s debate.

Of the 1.5 million messages about the debate on social media, 23% were critical of Rajoy, 21% discussed the end of the two-party system and 17% were about corruption.

Next down the list of topics were the economy and employment (15%) and violence against women (12%).


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