Pregnant Andalucian women rush for whooping cough vaccination after two babies die

LAST UPDATED: 20 Dec, 2015 @ 22:26

Pregnant WomenTHOUSANDS of pregnant women are coming forward to be vaccinated against whooping cough following the death of two babies.

Andalucian health authorities announced they were supplying 14,800 extra doses as concerned mothers-to-be rushed to be vaccinated.

One of the babies died in Sevilla in September with a second dying in Malaga in October.

The new raft of vaccinations for women who are at least 28 weeks pregnant started on November 30, a month earlier than planned.

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  1. Before all these pregnant mothers rush off to vaccinate themselves, not knowing the consequences to their unborn child, they should focus on how these children are exposed to this bacteria.

  2. ABC: Perhaps you remember the last time that some idiots discouraged parents to shun the MMR vaccine? It led to illness and death. Vaccines have been life-savers, and in an age where antibiotics are becoming ineffective, they may be the only protection we have. So stop stirring fear and prejudice.