Mariano Rajoy seeks pact by offering PSOE Spanish constitutional reform

PP leader attempts to thrash out deal as he prepares for meeting with PSOE head Pedro Sanchez

LAST UPDATED: 23 Dec, 2015 @ 10:52

MARIANO Rajoy has reportedly offered to change the Spanish constitution in order to gain support from the PSOE.

RAJOY: Clinging to power
RAJOY: Clinging to power

According to reports in El Pais, the PP leader is ready to discuss reforming Article 135 to put education, health and social services before a zero-deficit budget.

Citing senior PP members, El Pais reports that Rajoy is also believed to have offered the PSOE the speaker’s position in Congress.

In return, the PSOE would abstain from a third or fourth vote in Congress to avoid another general election within two months.

Rajoy denied the reports, but is due to meet PSOE leader Pedro Sanchez this morning as he attempts to form a government ahead of January 13 when Congress reconvenes.


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