Spain crowned No. 1 for Brits hoping to buy property abroad, says HiFX

LAST UPDATED: 15 Apr, 2016 @ 10:32

benahavis property2SUNNY Spain is very much the firm favourite for British looking to buy a place in the sun, according to leading currency experts HiFX.

The bi-annual Property Hotspots Report, which analyses a decade of property data, reveals that Spain attracts more buyers than France, USA or Portugal.

Over a third (37%) of Britons searching abroad, made enquiries in Spain, with France now only accounting for 34%.

Mark Bodega, director of HiFX, said: “Spain’s housing market is recovering, amid gradually improving economic conditions.

“The market dipped in 2014 when house prices dropped 3%, but increased investment from foreign buyers in resorts and cities, such as Barcelona and Madrid, has pushed prices back up.”

Country Percentage of enquiries (July 2015) |  Percentage of enquiries (March 2015)

1 Spain 37% | 35%
2 France 34% | 35%
3 USA 8% | 7%
4 Portugal 5% | 5%
5 Switzerland 4% | 7%

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