Seven ISIS terrorist suspects arrested by Spanish authorities

Group accused of smuggling arms disguised as humanitarian shipments

LAST UPDATED: 8 Feb, 2016 @ 10:13

A SUSPECTED cell of ISIS members have been arrested in a series of raids across southern Spain.

The group is suspected of funding terrorism and money laundering for ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

ARRESTED: Spanish police detain ISIS suspects
ARRESTED: Spanish police detain ISIS suspects

The men were arrested in Valencia, Alicante and Spain’s north African enclave of Ceuta on Sunday.

According to Interior Minister Jorge Fernandez Diaz, the group were smuggling arms, military equipment, bomb material, and electronic devices disguised as humanitarian shipments.

“The head of the cell directed a network of firms which enabled him to send the logistical material in sealed containers from Spanish ports to the terrorist groups operating in Syria and Iraq without raising suspicion,” a spokesman for Spain’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Police say they have been investigating the group since 2014.

The men are now in custody and have been taken to a Madrid court hearing.



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