Spain’s left-wing parties hold Madrid talks on Pedro Sanchez investiture

Congress meeting brings PSOE, Podemos, IU and Compromis together

LAST UPDATED: 22 Feb, 2016 @ 18:01

SPAIN’S four main left-wing political parties are holding coalition talks in Madrid’s Congress.

Delegates from the Socialist PSOE, Podemos, Compromis and IU are discussing the investiture of PSOE leader Pedro Sanchez.

TURNING TIDE?: Podemos delegate Inigo Errejon at Congress talks
TURNING TIDE?: Podemos delegate Inigo Errejon at Congress talks

Podemos number two Inigo Errejón led an eight-strong group from Podemos, who have criticised Sanchez’s decision to negotiate with Ciudadanos at the same time as Pablo Iglesias’s party.

The PSOE general secretary will try to form a coalition goverment on March 2 and 3 after accepting King Felipe’s invitation.

Spain has been without a government since December 20 when no party managed to secure an overall majority of seats.


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    • dan, even if this lot do manage to cobble something together, it is unlikely last very long, they can’t agree on anything meaningful. Think Junta de Andalucia and collapsed coalitions.