Just 2% of the Spanish drive electric cars

Electric cars cost at least €20,000

LAST UPDATED: 25 Feb, 2016 @ 21:03

Valmet Eva electric car concept
Electric car

JUST 2% of Spain’s drivers are whizzing about in electric cars.

That’s just 20,000 electric car drivers – far short of the million ex-minister of industry Miguel Sebastian predicted in 2009.

A massive 63% of Spaniards drive diesel, while 35% use petrol.

The nation trails far behind Norway where 20% of cars on the road are electric, and in France where electric car use has gone up 64% in the last year.


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  1. What a complete idiot you are. “Just 2%”???? 2% is massive and this signals the beginning of the end for oil. Oil has had 100% of the market for almost a century and now they are suddenly down to 98% and losing more market share every year.