Far-right militant group sets off flares at Madrid mosque

"Today Brussels, tomorrow Madrid?"

LAST UPDATED: 23 Mar, 2016 @ 12:21

A MADRID mosque has been attacked by a far-right group.

The attack on the mosque, just off the capital city’s main A30 motorway, is accompanied with a banner which reads ‘today Brussels, tomorrow Madrid?’.

The far-right group Hogar Social Madrid Ramiro Ledesma set off flares outside the mosque and announced on twitter that it was an ‘act against radical Islamism’.

Madrid’s city hall has issued a statement through its Ahora Madrid party portal instructing citizens to respond to terror with ‘solidarity not fear of the other’.

Police have now sent patrol guards to man the bridge.

The event follows terrorist bomb attacks on the airport and metro in Brussels which saw 34 people killed and around 250 wounded yesterday.

Belgium is observing three days of mourning while a manhunt continues for a suspect believed to still be alive.


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