State-of-the-art Andalucia cliffside house brings new meaning to living on the edge

LAST UPDATED: 2 Apr, 2016 @ 18:31

IT brings a whole new meaning to the concept of living life on the edge.

Perched above the Med, Casa del Acantilado (The Cliff House) is the latest project from weird and wacky Madrid architects GilBartolome.

Something of a challenge, it was created by architects Pablo Gil and Jaime Bartolome on a 42-degree slope on the Granada coastline.

Commissioned by a young couple from Madrid, every single window of the home, near Salobrena, boasts stunning views of the sea.

The state-of-the-art design split over two floors features a ‘dragon-scale’ inspired curved roof, floor-to-ceiling windows and an infinity pool.

Its position dug into the hillside helps the inside stay cool in the summer months and warmer in winter.

“The project combined joyful living, innovative construction techniques, the return of craftsmanship and the cave as an environmental strategy,” said Bartolome.

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    • It’s all in the eye of the beholder Ed. One person might think, (for instance) that your missus has a fat backside, whilst you just think she’s cuddly. Different strokes for different folks.

  1. A bog standard cave house that the Moors had to create when the Christians threw them out of their homes is far more attractive. You should see the crap produced by architects shown after the evening news on TF1 here in France – truly blots on the landscape.

    So it’s not the materials the house was built of that keeps it ‘relatively’ warm in winter and cool in summer it’s because it’s partly a cave house.