Eire Og Seville win 2016 Andalucian Gaelic football championship

Three-way race ends in last-day drama

LAST UPDATED: 13 Apr, 2016 @ 16:54

EIRE Og Seville claimed the 2016 Andalucian Gaelic football championship in dramatic fashion.

Beating both the Gibraltar Gaels and the Costa Gaels on home turf, the Sevilla outfit were tied on 14 points with Gibraltar at the end of play.

RUNNERS UP: Gibraltar Gaels and Costa Gaels
RUNNERS UP: Gibraltar Gaels and Costa Gaels

A shortened playoff then saw the home side beat Gibraltar for the second time that day to claim the trophy.

A questionable disallowed goal in the first fixture ultimately cost Gibraltar Gaels the championship.

At the start of play all three teams were in with a chance of winning the trophy. However, the Costa Gaels faint hope of glory was extinguished after losing the opener to Sevilla.

A victory for Gibraltar Gaels over their Marbella counterparts set up a nervy playoff in which the home side’s strength in depth proved decisive.


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  1. “No pictures of the winners? We’re much better looking than those two you have on, ” the runners up”..
    Questionable disallowed goal!! Jaysus yer still sore down that way?? They’re will always be next year, or the year after that, lol ” Only joking by the way..