Sevilla police raid frees five South American sex slaves forced to work 24 hours a day

The leader of a major human trafficking circle has been arrested in Sevilla

LAST UPDATED: 19 Apr, 2016 @ 22:06

la linea policeTHE leader of a major human trafficking circle has been arrested in Sevilla. 

Police freed five South American women forced to work as prostitutes 24-hours a day, in a raid on a brothel.

The women, aged between 19 and 33 from Paraguay and the Dominican Republic, came to Spain under the pretence of a ‘decent job’.

Instead, they were locked inside where they were forced into prostitution.

“The women were deprived of freedom and shared the dwelling space with their captors, who in turn kept watch so they couldn’t escape, even using video surveillance systems at all times,” a police spokesman said.

The leader was tracked down after police found his network advertised online, with pictures of the women completely naked.

The man behind the human trafficking ring was arrested last year for similar offences.

It comes just a week after 29 Chinese women were freed from illegal prostitution circles across the country.

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