Spanish footballers David De Gea, Isco and Iker Munian involved in sexual assault scandal, court hears

The Manchester United goalkeeper allegedly acted as a fixer in an assault

LAST UPDATED: 10 Jun, 2016 @ 15:29

David De Gea
David De Gea

A TRIO of Spanish footballers have been linked to a sexual assault scandal.

David De Gea, Isco and Iker Muniain have been accused of assaulting a women, with the Manchester United goalkeeper allegedly acting as a ‘fixer’.

Speaking at the Torbe case – an investigation into minors used by Spanish porn director Torbe – a protected witness said De Gea arranged a meeting in 2012 and forced her to have sex with his U21 international teammates.

She claims that De Gea did not assault her personally but used physical threats to convince her to have sex with others.

So far Athletic Bilbao’s Muniain and Real Madrid’s Isco are the only other two players to be linked, but more footballers were allegedly involved.

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