OPINION: Investigative reporting still has a place in society

Morally Millard should have told his employers the truth

LAST UPDATED: 22 Jun, 2016 @ 12:44


Wayne Millard
Wayne Millard

SHAMED expat teacher Wayne Millard may have been legally fine to work at St George’s School while banned from teaching in Wales due to misconduct.

But morally he should have told his employers the truth.

When the Olive Press approached the leading private school with the information they were rightfully alarmed, and launched an investigation of their own.

The fact that they have severed ties with this cheating, dishonest teacher, is a credit to them…. And further evidence that investigative reporting still has a place in our society.


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  1. Well done in putting a stop to another of these British ‘people’ arriving here and giving us a bad reputation, just as you exposed Nigel Goldman when your ‘competitors’ were promoting his face as one to be trusted on advice regarding fine cuisine, when all that man wanted was a continuous free lunch.

    Keep up the great work