Half-naked animal activists covered in ‘blood’ protest Pamplona bull running

Last year, demonstrators put on a similar protest

LAST UPDATED: 6 Jul, 2016 @ 11:53

Lenny Marignier of Australia protests
Lenny Marignier of Australia protests

A TOTAL OF 75 half-naked animal activists have staged a ‘bloody’ protest against the treatment of bulls in Pamplona.

The animal rights group PETA protestors stood in front of the town hall wearing just their underwear and fake bull horns before dousing themselves in fake blood.

Their buckets carried a message: ‘Pamplona: bloodbath for bulls’ in various languages.

The event runs from July 6-14 this year.

One million people come to Pamplona for the running of the bulls every year, but PETA is also becoming a persistent presence.

Last year, the PETA demonstrators covered themselves in red paint and huddled together, once again, half-naked.


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  1. One million people come to have fun in Pamplona, andm, we are told, 75 killjoys covered in tomato paste are there to put a stop to this (and contribute to bankrupting the local tourist industry). What’s the headline? As usual, it’s the killjoys.