VIDEO: Giant bull strolls into bank during traditional Spanish street run

He uses his horns to push open the door

LAST UPDATED: 28 Jul, 2016 @ 16:13

A GIANT bull in Spain took a break from storming through the crowds during a traditional bull run to make a pit stop at the bank.

Perhaps remembering he had to cash a few cheques, the fiery bull can be seen doing a u-turn before casually entering the Bankia bank in Cheste, Valencia.

He uses his horns to push open the door before charging inside.

Participants fearing the people inside were in danger of being injured then run over and hold the door open for the bull as they shout and taunt it to persuade it to come back outside.

Fortunately nobody was hurt during the incident.




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  1. Poor guy – one minute he is living in a field and next minute subjected to our horrible species. This needs to stop – I am surprised the EU has never stopped this cruelty. Bulls are loving creatures – if you see them with cows.