VIDEO : Matador Andres Roca Rey lies unconscious during bullfight

The Matador has been rushed to hospital with a strong concussion

LAST UPDATED: 2 Sep, 2016 @ 11:12

MATADOR Andres Roca Rey was gored by a bull in Palencia, leaving him with a strong concussion.

The 19 year old, was thrown onto the ground, and laid unconscious before cuadrillas came to assist him.

Roca, from Peru was treated by the infirmary of the square, before being rushed to Rio Carrion  Hospital.

He is currently under medical observation.


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  1. Ole…!!..fabulous news and an excellent video showing the barbaric coward getting his just desserts…!!
    if you play with the bull you get its horn up your A—.!!
    When will these backward barbaric cowards learn…!!!