Biggest bullfighting protest takes place in Madrid

Protesters rallied to stop the sport

LAST UPDATED: 12 Sep, 2016 @ 12:55

THE biggest anti-bullfighting protest to date took place in Madrid this weekend.

bullfighting-in-spain 2Thousands of protesters gathered in anger in the capital, with placards saying “Bullfighting, the school of cruelty”.

The incensed crowd, have rendered it a ‘bygone tradition’ and are calling for the traditional Spanish sport to be banned.

Animal rights group PACMA, who attended the rally, have been increasingly active in their efforts to stop the ancient pastime.

A demonstrator, Mari Paz Rojo, a 42-year-old administrative assistant said “We don’t want Spaniards to be identified with bullfighting, this is not our national fiesta”

This comes after the sport being banned completely in Catalonia in 2011.


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  1. To put this in perspective (hard for the anti-taurinos), as El Mundo reports, 4,000 people joined the Pacma (Rover for President) organisers on the protest on Saturday. On the same day, in just four bullrings, 38,000 fans enjoyed an afternoon of toros. So, keep up those letters! “”