THE family of missing Lisa Brown is facing an agonising wait to hear whether murder suspect Stephen Jackson will be extradited to Spain for trial.

Jackson, 50, who is currently serving a four-year prison sentence in the UK for smuggling 17 illegal migrants, will have an extradition hearing on February 2.

WANTED: Jackson faces extradition hearing
WANTED: Jackson faces extradition hearing

Spanish police believe he was working closely with Scottish Lisa’s former boyfriend Simon Corner, 33, who is awaiting trial in Algeciras prison.

In a new development, it is believed two other suspects – one a woman – are also currently behind bars in Spain over Lisa’s disappearance from her Guadiaro home last November.

Lisa’s brother, Craig Douglas,46, told the Olive Press his family will be in Spain in six weeks time for the anniversary of her disappearance.

“If the Spanish provide the British authorities with enough information then Jackson will be extradited,” he said.

“These people have taken away our sister and left Marco [Lisa’s eight-year-old son] without a mother.”

He continued: “Tony [Tomillero – Marco’s dad] is trying to keep Marco as normal as possible. He is a typical little boy. He just wants to play with his friends.

“But he knows his mum is not coming back.”

He also pleaded for anyone with information about Lisa’s disappearance to come forward.

“We had to beg people who knew Lisa to go to the authorities,” he said.


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