Two ISIS recruiters arrested in Spain deliberately targeted people ‘at risk of social exclusion’

Material shared by the pair was described as 'extremely radical'

LAST UPDATED: 11 Oct, 2016 @ 18:23

isisPOLICE in Spain have arrested two men on suspicion of recruiting for the terrorist group ISIS.

The suspects are said to have been ‘fully integrated’ into the infrastructure of the extremist group and were found to be ‘encouraging terrorist acts’.

Material shared by the pair online was described as ‘extremely radical and shockingly crude.’

One was a Spanish national of Moroccan origin who was arrested in the northern port city of Gijon.

He had sworn loyalty to ISIS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and was in touch with ISIS ‘members and leaders’ through a large, secure network he had created.

The other was arrested in the Basque resort of San Sebastian near the French border and was also recruiting ‘within radical jihadist circles’ in his local area.

He was deliberately focusing on ‘those at risk of social exclusion’, a police statement said.


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