Norwegian ‘art dealer’ hiding on Costa del Sol after conning Swiss investor out of €20,000

EXCLUSIVE: Norwegian Tinmannsvik, who has been investigated for fraud in his home country, is also believed to have faked various bank documents

LAST UPDATED: 10 Nov, 2016 @ 09:59

Per Einar Tinmannsvik
Per Einar Tinmannsvik

AN expat who allegedly conned an investor out of €20,000 has been tracked down to his Costa del Sol hideout by the Olive Press.

Per Einar Tinmannsvik, 62, is accused of scamming Swiss national Mike Hofmaier over a bond investment deal in 2009.

Norwegian Tinmannsvik, who has been investigated for fraud in his home country, is also believed to have faked various bank documents.

“He keeps telling me he will pay me back, but he never does,” said Hofmaier, 35, who lives in Switzerland.

“There are always a string of excuses. He even said that he will pay me an extra €15,000 for all the troubles.

“I just want to make sure that no one else will get cheated by him.”

Two other victims have come forward with evidence of further financial wrongdoing by Tinmannsvik, who is believed to have lived in Manilva since 2000.

A British expat estate agent, also based in Manilva, revealed he paid Tinmannsvik €15,000 for a painting that he never received, in 2015.

The agent, who asked to remain anonymous, said he masqueraded as an art dealer in a Duquesa bar, where he convinced him the painting was an ‘excellent investment’.

“What he did to me was terrible. My business partner had just died and I was very vulnerable,” he said. “I made a big mistake and spent ages trying to get the money back.”

Ironically, he finally received his money back after threatening to contact the Olive Press.

Meanwhile, an American businessman claims he sent Tinmannsvik €1,000 in March to help the Norwegian after he was unable to pay a hotel bill.

Mike Hofmaier
Mike Hofmaier

The pair became friends a decade ago and saw each other socially in Barcelona, where the businessman lives.

In emails seen by the Olive Press, Tinmannsvik assured the businessman that he would be able to pay him back quickly, as he was set to receive a large sum of money.

To back up his claims he attaches a document, allegedly showing he was about to receive €30,000 into his alleged Lloyds Bank Gibraltar account.

Last night, a Lloyds spokeswoman, told the Olive Press: “We can confirm that this is not a group document.”

Norwegian police meanwhile confirmed they had three allegations of fraud against Tinmannsvik in 2003 and 2004, which remain on file.

In 2008 he was also involved in an Oslo court case surrounding the disputed purchase of an Edvard Munch painting.

Per's home
Per’s home in Duquesa

When we tracked Tinmannsvik down to his gated estate in Duquesa, he said: “Come back tomorrow,” before slamming the door in our faces.

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