Cristiano Ronaldo to become first-ever billionaire footballer with earnings of €12,000 an hour

His two new contracts with Real Madrid and sports clothing brand Nike will rake him in around €29,000 a day

LAST UPDATED: 28 Nov, 2016 @ 13:18

ronaldo-and-miss-spainCRISTIANO RONALDO is to become the first billionaire footballer after increasing his yearly salary to €100 million.

His two new contracts with Real Madrid and sports clothing brand Nike will rake him in around €29,000 a day, or €12,000 an hour.

The five-year contract with Madrid and a life-long deal with Nike – the first of its kind – will also ensure he becomes the first billionaire footballer.

Nike believes that the player’s global popularity and status as the world’s most followed sports star on social media will bring in unprecedented revenue.

The 31-year-old double FIFA Ballon d’Or winner has also said he will play for Madrid well into his forties, which at €50 million a year would see him net €500 million by the time he is 41.


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  1. And he earns every cent. Can’t stand the man or his team but without him they would not have won what they have nor would the turnstiles click over every time he plays. One of best player’s in the World if not the best.

  2. Totally disgusting and makes a mockery of those whose work is vital to society – the Americanisation of life today right across the planet needs no explanation. You can conquer with armies or with commercialisation backed up with the threat of armies or in the case of America with nuclear weapons delivered by air.

    Why are football,rugby and cricket and to an extent tennis the dominant world sports because they were invented by respectively the Scots/English and tennis a French invention was adopted by the world power at the time – Britain. The Americans are really hacked off that American football ( a complete misnomer) and baseball/English rounders are alsorans and always will be.