Malaga to create dog DNA register to tackle dog poo scourge

Some people have said that it is an unnecessary expense

LAST UPDATED: 2 Dec, 2016 @ 17:10

dog-pooA DOG DNA register is the new weapon in Malaga and Gibraltar’s dog poo wars.

The city governments are launching the schemes to help inspectors can trace dog poo left on the streets back to the offending mutt.

Malaga council officials will bring theirs into force from May next year.

There will be hefty fines of between 150 and 600 for owners of the Spanish city´s 100,000 dogs who do not ensure a blood sample is taken within six months of it launching.

Gibraltar’s register opened on December 1.

Dog owners there have three months to take their dogs to the vets to have their blood sample taken or face a fine.

Vets will carry out the procedures, with Malaga’s to be managed by the Official College of Veterinarians.

Malaga officials claim the register will also help control abandoned animals and stop others being mistreated.

But some people have said that it is an unnecessary expense and do not believe it will resolve the issue.

The register has already been brought into force in Mislata in Valencia and there are plans to do the same in Guadalajara, Castilla-La Mancha.

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  1. I couldn’t care less about the doggy DNA register. But that is one great photo of a happy dog having a dump. Well done Olive Press!

  2. A clean up poo law was introduced in our Asturian municipality 5 years ago. After about 6 months of heavy fines, no more dog mess. Now the challenge is to humans peeing ’round the corner from their bars, in stairwells and car parks.

  3. Great idea, I wish they would do it here in Scotland. Sick of the mess dogs leave. Can’t see Nicola Sturgeon spending money on that, as it might piss off the type of people that vote for her.