Girona’s Roca brothers cook up a storm with documentary The Turkish Way

The brothers had just completed another tour which took them to London

LAST UPDATED: 8 Dec, 2016 @ 10:17

roca-brothersSPAIN’S celebrity chef trio the Roca brothers are cooking up a storm with their latest documentary.

Joan, Josep, and Jordi  Roca, best known as owners of El Celler de Can Roca in Girona, are getting rave reviews for The Turkish Way, screened at the recent Vancouver Film Festival.

The film follows their culinary journey through the country to learn more about its cuisine and the movement amongst its most talented chefs to modernise traditional food.

The brothers designed a special menu for each city they visited, using only local ingredients, to pay tribute to their experiences.

The ‘food-umentary’ is the follow-up to their first foray into cinema, the 2015 Cooking Up a Tribute, which covers their travels in Mexico, Colombia and Peru.

Both documentaries have been produced in partnership with Spanish bank BBVA.

Recently, the brothers completed another tour which took them to London, Hong Kong, the USA and Chile.

Now they have set up a project that will allow the talented student chefs they met on the road to train at their famous restaurant.


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