EXCLUSIVE: Expat boyfriend of ‘black widow’ Ganna Ziuzina defends her after coroner rules she murdered her British millionaire husband

They now have a three-year-old daughter and have been living in Marbella for at least three years

LAST UPDATED: 1 Feb, 2017 @ 11:44

pjimage-3A BRITISH expat has defended his ‘black widow’ girlfriend who stands accused of murdering her millionaire husband.

Speaking outside their villa in Marbella, businessman Ivan Lister told the Olive Press that the treatment of girlfriend Anna Ziuzina (right) was ‘unfair’.

“It’s all very unfair,” he declared, “but we’re not saying anything because we haven’t had legal advice yet.”

Lister, 48, is believed to have met the Ukrainian internet bride shortly after her husband was killed by a suspected contract killing.



The Marbella Villa  ©theolivepress
The Marbella Villa ©theolivepress

They now have a three-year-old daughter and have been living in Marbella for at least three years.

Anna – sometimes known as ‘Ganna’, as well as ‘Julianna Moore’ – is accused of killing former British husband Barry Pring on the eve of their wedding anniversary in 2008, but she claims it was someone else.

Writing in a now unearthed blog post from 2012, she said she is ‘tired of harassment’ and wants the real killer to be brought to justice.



Ganna with slain husband Barry Pring
Ganna with slain husband Barry Pring

“It was murder,” she said, “I would be happy if this person would be found and brought to criminal responsibility.

“I am tired of harassment and intrusions in my personal life, of the lies, smear and unreasonable accusations. After all, nobody cancelled the presumption of innocence.”

She added: “There is no crime without motive and I had none. I lost everything I dreamt of when my husband died: family, business, respectable life.

“And what is most crucial – I lost the loving and the loved one. I had no motive to kill my husband, I have nothing to do with an incident.”



New beau Ivan Lister ©theolivepress
New beau Ivan Lister ©theolivepress

Anna has refused to cooperate with UK police and did not attend the coroner’s hearing in January of this year.

Our investigation has found that the former lapdancer from Ukraine bought a villa in Nueva Andalucia in September 2014, before buying a two-bedroom apartment for her parents nearby a year later.

In total her property portfolio is worth €1 million and she is understood to own other plots, including a car parking space in Marbella.



RUMBLED: Ivan outside Marbella pad ©theolivepress
RUMBLED: Ivan outside Marbella pad ©theolivepress

Convinced of her guilt, the brother of her slain husband, Shaughan, has vowed to continue a nine-year battle for justice which has already cost the Pring family €230,000.

“She’s living like the Queen of Sheba,” said the still-grieving 54 year old, “The Ukrainian police have done nothing.”

Vowing to bring Ganna to justice, he said: “Anna is an extremely manipulative person. She’s been doing it most of her adult life. Manipulating people for money. Who else could have tricked him like that?”



Anna with Pring before he was contract killed
Anna with Pring before he was contract killed

A coroner in the UK heard how Ziuzina asked her husband to hail a taxi on the edge of a busy road after their boozy anniversary dinner in Kiev.

But while she supposedly dashed back into the restaurant to collect a glove she left behind, Pring was hit by a stolen lorry travelling at 80mph with no headlights on and with no number plates.



A supermarket Ganna is known to visit ©theolivepress
A supermarket Ganna is known to visit ©theolivepress

Senior coroner Dr Elizabeth Earland returned a verdict of unlawful killing last week.
At his inquest in Devon, Pring’s family told the coroner his ‘cold’ wife was after his fortune.

In a statement read to the court, Barry’s mother Irene said: “We are sure that Anna had some involvement in Barry’s death to get an inheritance.”

Barry Pring, from Devon, owned five properties and was worth an estimated €1.7 million.
According to Olive Press sources, Ziuzina has since settled in comfortably to her new life in the sun.

She was recently spotted shopping in Puerto Banus’s Elit Banus supermarket and the Organic Supermarket in Benahavis, where she is also known to frequent bars and a local gym.

Pring’s death was initially investigated by Ukrainian authorities as an accident but it was reclassified as murder in 2011 amid concerns from his family that he was the victim of a contract killing.

Ziuzina, from Kiev, declined to comment from her Marbella villa.

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