100 new jobs created under Malaga council graduate scheme

LAST UPDATED: 1 Feb, 2017 @ 15:01

grad-schemeMALAGA businesses are rushing to hire university graduates under a new work opportunities initiative, with 70 companies signing up in under a fortnight.

The Diputacion’s First Opportunity scheme is aimed at helping new graduates find employment. Up to 100 young people will be awarded six to 12 month contracts, with 60% of their salary paid by the Diputacion.

The programme kicked off in mid-January and within just two weeks, 70 companies had registered through the Confederation of Employers of Malaga. Some of these companies had two or even three jobs on offer.

Originally planned to run until June or when the €1.5 million budget ran out, with the unexpectedly-high rate of interest it may be over before the end of February.


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