W hotel chain announces ‘€300 million’ luxury resort in Marbella

The luxurious hotel will be the third belonging to the W chain, with the second said to be opening in June 2019

LAST UPDATED: 24 Mar, 2017 @ 10:56

marbella-w-hotelA WORLD-FAMOUS luxury hotel chain has announced a new project in Marbella.

The development of the hotel, expected to open in 2021, was agreed upon by Platinum Estates investment group in collaboration with the W chain.

It will occupy a stretch of beach at Real de Zaragoza and is rumoured to likely cost €300 million.

Rumours of the project had surfaced before the official announcement, but the two companies kept their intentions under wraps until the deal was signed in Hong Kong.

W forms part of the Starwood-Marriott conglomerate, and has a portfolio of more than 60 hotels across the world.

At the moment, there is only one hotel in Spain belonging to the chain, located in Barcelona.

However another one in Madrid is set to join it before the Marbella project is complete.




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