Mallorca expat bar owners demand crackdown on muggings by criminal gangs

Calvia problem is 'out of control', say bar owners

LAST UPDATED: 11 May, 2017 @ 14:23

EXPAT bar owners are demanding a crackdown on muggings by criminal gangs in Calvia.

The group insist the problem is getting ‘out of control’ and the council must take action.
It comes after a British tourist, 70, claimed he was attacked by a ‘gang of prostitutes’ in Magaluf.

MUGGED OFF: Expats rage at street robberies
MUGGED OFF: Expats rage at street robberies

The regular visitor, who has a home in the area, is understood to have lost over 100 euros.

“The saddest thing is he knows not to take too much money with him as he can guarantee he will get propositioned on the way home,” said his friend Abbey Wright.

Another expat Craig Beattie claimed that the problem is affecting tourism.

“Two ladies told me their friends have stopped coming due to the muggings… they don’t know if they will be back either, they have been coming the last 20 years or so!”
One bar owner confirmed the problem.

“I feel let down by the authorities’ inability to deal with the threat that is posed by the gangs posing as prostitutes.”

Speaking anonymously due to fear of reprisals, he added: “There are victims every day, many of whom don’t report the incident for fear of embarrassment.”

The council failed to comment as we went to press.

It comes after the council introduced its controversial sound limiter policy that keeps sound in bars no louder than 62 decibels.

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