Mallorca and Balearic companies suffer 5,000 cyber attacks since 2015

Some 38,068 Spanish firms hit by hackers since 2015

LAST UPDATED: 17 May, 2017 @ 13:59

MORE than 5,000 Balearic companies have been hit by cyber attacks since 2015, new figures show.

The shocking statistics were revealed after May’s unprecedented cyber attack, which paralysed computer systems around the world.

BALEARIC BATTERING: Over 5,000 cyber attacks hit island since 2015
BALEARIC BATTERING: Over 5,000 cyber attacks hit island since 2015

In total, 38,068 Spanish firms have suffered attacks since 2015, with the Balearics enduring more than 15% of the total, according to consultant group Pyramide Asesores.

Companies were struck by hackers sending virus-infected emails with criminals then demanding payment for an encryption password to get rid of the virus.

Mallorca business leader José Luis Roses.recommended firms update control and security systems and that personal information, such as date of birth, should not be used in passwords.

May’s cyber attack affected around 150 countries around the world, with hackers using a system called ‘Wanna Cry’ to demand a ransom.

The attack by hacker group Shadow Brokers left institutions like the NHS reeling, with some 200,000 victims hit.


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